Monday 5th. January, 2015 – I start my new job 

Here is a picture of the Christmas tree in the farmhouse at Mount Pleasant. I suppose that tomorrow it will have to be taken down and everything always looks so bare after the decorations come down

Today I got up and walked Mix and soon it was time to set off to meet with the retiring presbytery clerk from whom I have now taken over. Helen was very kind to me and spent more than two hours not just giving me the presbytery computer but also explaining to me how it worked. So now I have all the presbytery papers and the computer and am ready to go. For one who was quite determined not to get drawn back into employment with the Kirk (rather than doing my bit as a congregational member) this is all a total volte face (as my friends continue to remind me). However, sometimes needs must and if there had been anyone else I would not now be in this position. That said, I will do the job to my best – and I will enjoy doing it as well.

I came home – driving past Edrom Kirk on the way, as there is to be a Presbytery service there on Sunday afternoon, to mark the union of Duns and Edrom and Bonkle into one congregation.

Back home I had a late lunch and did some work in the spare room.

As we draw up our work schedule for 2015 things are changing. Rachel is very anxious to have somewhere for her own (as well as the weaving studio). I am happy for her to have the spare bedroom for her own but the problem is that at present it is filled with my clothes for which there is nowhere else – and lots of other bits and pieces as well. The original plan was that once we had completed the Hen House I would move all of my clothes and other bits and pieces there. However that is not going to happen soon. So I have suggested that I move all of my books out of the summer house into the Bothy and then I move all of my clothes and other bits and pieces into the summer house until the Hen House is able to receive them. This will enable Rachel to move her books out of the Bothy (to let mine come in from the summer house) and to have a desk and whatever else she wishes in the spare bedroom. Rachel is thinking about it!

In the evening Rachel watched television while I slept, dozing on the sofa to the strains of Broadchurch. Later we walked the dogs and I sat up watching the Test Match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka – I know that it is totally crazy but it is a splendid match with superb performances from each team. After tonight’s heroics by Williamson and Watling I suspect that New Zealand will get home in the end but it could still end up going either way.


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