Wednesday 31st. December, 2014 --- It’s almost a new year! 

There have been lots of pictures this year but this one which I took just a moment or two ago is one of my favourites. It’s our library and only a few months ago this was an old bothy with no roof and with a ground base that had been used over the years for bonfires and refuse. It really was the blot on the landscape of Mount Pleasant and now it is beautiful and useful. Rachel was saying earlier today that our home has really doubled in size over the year. We started with our beautiful Granary with a glorious lounge and two bedrooms (one of which is still very much a storeroom) and we have gained during the year a superb weaving studio, a summerhouse (which is much more than that) and now a library. Of course there is still much to do and this year we will try to make progress with the Hen House and with the other barn. It would be good to sit here next year with significant progress made with both of them

Slept in and then tidied the bothy to make it look good for this year’s end. Had some lunch (after walking Mix) and then sorted out my new diary for 2015 and completed my accounts for 2014. By this time it was nearly 6 and time to eat in the farmhouse (which we did).

After dinner I had a shower (to be clean for the New Year) and then joined the family in the farmhouse where Scott and Sue, and Sue’s father, Bill, had come to visit. Later, after they left, Tom and Dorothy arrived and it was appropriate to end the year with them – they have contributed so much to our 2014 and we would have made only a fraction of the progress we have made without their assistance, skills and friendship.

Just after midnight, Mum, Olive and Digger arrived and we all had a drink to bring in the New Year. It was a happy time.

And so to bed (of course, having walked the dogs). If 2015 is a patch on 2014 it will be a wonderful year.

A Happy new Year!


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