Sunday 28th. December, 2014 – The last Sunday of the Year 

All too soon Christmas trees will disappear – so here is a picture of the tree at Gavinton Church where we worshipped this morning

Rose, walked Mix and breakfasted before driving to Gavinton Church with Rachel and Mum. I had had a bit of an adventure this morning – our front door has been getting stiffer and stiffer and constantly jamming during the course of recent days. This morning it wouldn’t open at all – so I had to go out of the back door, climb the fence and attack the front door from the outside to get in.

We had a pleasant service, there is never quite as many folk on this low Sunday between Christmas and the New Year but we did quite well. We didn’t have an organist and so we sang unaccompanied (and in lovely low keys). It was great. Ann spoke about the slaughter of the innocents, about King Herod and about Mary. I enjoyed the service (and the coffee which followed it).

Back home we lunched on left-overs (again with some new things added). I don’t know when we are going to get through all of this food! It was a lovely meal. Tom arrived with new door handles for our front door – ones which we can operate but which, we hope, will be beyond the wit of Mix and Rowan. We will see – but it was really kind of Tom.

In the afternoon I moved bits and pieces between the summer house and the bothy, including moving my computer into the bothy and getting it all functioning well. David arrived for coffee and was pleased to see that the computer was operating well on the link which he had installed.

For me this week will involve much more of the same: sorting and tidying – but progress is definitely being made.

In the evening Rachel and I enjoyed a snack together. We watched a Montalbano film (The Paper Moon) and then I settled in to enjoy cricket from ‘down under’. Is there no limit to the pleasures of this Christmas?


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