Saturday 27th. December, 2014 – The Partying Continues 

I gave everyone a break this Christmas – by leaving my camera at home. So this picture was not taken today but is of one of the courses of my Christmas Dinner in the farmhouse. Easy seen why I have to start on a diet as soon as we are into the New Year. As I said yesterday, this really has been the best Christmas ever

Today I was able to take everything very easily. Tom and David popped in (and I put the kettle on) and I walked Mix. I even did a bit of sorting out of the Bothy.

But the main event of today was our trip to Polworth to visit my brother and his family, Sue, Nick and Amy, and Katie. Again we were deluged with gifts and again we ate far more than we ought; again it was superb. I loved the company of the youngsters and it was grand to hear of how their lives were panning out – filled with enthusiasm and optimism and fun.

It was quite late when we got back home but I settled in and watched the cricket from the southern hemisphere: New Zealand against Sri Lanka from Christchurch and Australia against India from Melbourne. I watched for far longer than was good for me but I was so cosy in front of the fire and the cricket was engrossing ... (and I am retired and can do what I like)!


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