Sunday 21st. December, 2014 – The Fourth Sunday of Advent 

I don’t really know the story of this donkey but he seems to appear in Gavinton Church every year at this time. He reminds me a bit of a rabbit but I suspect that his real purpose is to remind us of the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in the Christmas story. He does make me smile

Rose, showered, walked Mix and breakfasted in the farmhouse before Rachel, Mum and I all set off for Gavinton for the Service for the Fourth Sunday of Advent which moved us firmly into the season of Christmas.

Ann presented us with four little meditations: on the Christmas crib, on Jesus’ name, on Zechariah and Elizabeth , and on Mary’s role in the Christmas story. We sang some good hymns as well, including my favourite Christmas hymn (Joy to the world), my grandmother’s favourite carol (O little town of Bethlehem) and Lorna’s favourite hymn (Lorna was my sister-in-law who died many years ago – At the Name of Jesus). The singing was good in spite of all of the seasonal sniffles.

In fact both Tom and David were missing today, Tom being under weather and David being absent without leave. After the service we joined the congregation for coffee and heated mincemeat pies before driving back to Mount Pleasant for Sunday lunch. It was, as usual, excellent. Olive is working on marking examinations at present and seems to be making good progress.

I spent all afternoon in the summerhouse working at my financial review. It all seems to be working out well but there is nothing like looking at actual figures to see where one can do better next year. Rachel went off to Evensong, I stayed with the dogs and later, on her return we watched television and enjoyed a snack together. Christmas really is getting very close and I am looking forward to this Christmas more than any I can remember for years!


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