Saturday 20th. December, 2014 – It is still extremely cold 

A picture of David on the ladder completing the cable junction which has taken a telephone and a computer signal to the Bothy. I was anxious to take the picture from this side, even as it is in to the sun, because David tells me that this is his better side

Up and walked Mix before breakfast. David arrived and set about completing the cabling of the wifi and telephone contacts with the Bothy. It took a long time, primarily because it was so very cold. Several coffee breaks and a lunch trip into Berwick were required to facilitate the completion of the exercise, but completed it was by the middle of the afternoon.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and much of the evening in the summerhouse with Mix preparing my end-of-year accounts. Now that they are just for me I am enjoying the exercise enormously. I took a break naturally for supper and also to watch a Montalbano film but otherwise I was in the summerhouse where Mix and I worked through until almost one in the morning. It was fun!


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