Friday 19th. December, 2014 --- My but it is cold! 

Things continue to take shape in the Bothy. Today David has been working to install wifi and telephone connections and I am starting to move in some of the Presbytery bits and pieces which have been given to me by Helen to enable me to take up my new post at the start of January

Woke and walked Mix before breakfast. It is much colder than it was yesterday and the wind makes the cold eat into your body. All day long Mix has been looking for a fire to lie down in front of – and complaining bitterly when I go out of doors and he feels that he has to accompany me.

David arrived and we spent a great part of the day working on a cable connection from the Granary to the Bothy to carry telephone and computer signals. The job isn’t completed, we were beaten by the cold, but we will get everything finished tomorrow in the morning. Everywhere I have significant sorting out to do – it is that stage of developments. The summerhouse is upside down because some of the contents have been moved to the Bothy and other items found in the Carriage Shed have been brought to the summerhouse. The spare bedroom is upside down for the same reason and progress in the Bothy will continue to be slow until we have worked our way through all of the boxes in store.

We dined in the farmhouse and then settled down to watch a film about the Americans search for Bin Laden. I have no idea why we chose to record the film, presumably because there was some publicity about it and we were intrigued. It made a good film, full of action even if we did know how it would end and I could see that it would appeal to the American market but I did stay awake to the end!


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