Thursday 18th. December, 2014 – Another interrupted night 

Tom and I went to Duns Kirk this morning for the primary school service. I didn’t like to take a picture of the service (although lots of the parents were) so I took this picture as everyone was leaving. I had never been inside the Church before and I was struck by the size of the worship area, by the dominance of the most impressive organ – and by the beautiful Christmas tree!

Well, we had another interrupted night during which Rachel caught three mice and put them in a box (all fitted out with sawdust and food) to see them through until morning when they could be released in the forest. And then, just when I was hoping to get some really good sleep, the fire alarm went off: Rachel had left one of her famous Christmas candles burning. No harm had been done, but I certainly have sleep on which to catch up.

Showered and walked Mix before being picked up by Tom and together we went to the children’s service at Duns Church. I enjoyed it very much and afterwards I drove to visit Helen and to get a further briefing (and three boxes of papers) about the task I am to take on for the Presbytery in January.

When I got home David was here and he has started work on installing a computer and telephone link to the Bothy. We had coffee and then I started getting ready for a Skype call about Green Pilgrimage. Tom arrived and we put the world to rights and then when he went off to prepare tea at The Old Manse in Gavinton, I had a splendid conversation regarding our Green Pilgrimage plans.

The next activity was to prepare the music files for Arrochar – for this Sunday, for Christmas Day and for the final Sunday of the year. By the time I got all of that done and sent off to Jamie it was time for supper after which I was glad to settle down in front of the fire and rest my eyelids. (Mum missed supper as she was off to a Rural Christmas party in Gavinton.)

It has been a busy day. (I was, however, quite shocked by the Panorama programme about Apple this evening. It seems that every stone anyone turns over has something not very nice underneath. This was augmented when the News came on and the first item was about a paedophile ring of politicians, policemen and others from the ‘top drawer’ of London society forty odd years ago. It really does beggar belief.)


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