Tuesday 16th. December, 2014 – Rachel is struck down with the dreaded lurgy 

It really is very cold today and Mix has taken to wearing his winter coat (even when sitting in front of the heater). I am surprised by how much he clearly enjoys putting it on and how proud he looks when people admire him in it

Woke and discovered that Rachel had finally succumbed to the cold which has been floating around Mount Pleasant for the last two weeks. She is totally stuffed up and coughing fit to burst. So she stayed in bed and I drove Mum into Duns for her hair appointment bringing back a selection of medicines for Rachel from the chemist (and a list of instructions about not taking two medicines at the same time).

I did some more work on carrying boxes of books from the carriage store to the Bothy and unloading them on to the shelves. It will be a long job but I am enjoying it enormously. I stopped briefly for lunch (during which I caught up with England’s disastrous cricket final one day match against Sri Lanka) and then continued with the work.

I stopped as it got dark and showered before an early tea and then Mum, Olive Digger and I went off to Berwick to enjoy the Royal Ballet’s performance of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It was a relay performance from Covent Garden and, of course, it was superb. No! It was absolutely wonderful.


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