Sunday 14th. December, 2014 – Imagine that – a working Sunday! 

Rachel put the flowers in Church this morning. I thought that they looked very good – and if you look closely you can just see a couple of our Christingles squeezing into the picture

Rose, showered, walked Mix and breakfasted before setting off with Mum and Rachel for Gavinton Church where I conducted the service for the Third Sunday in Advent complete with Advent candles and Christingles. In truth I was only standing in because Ann, our minister, was away to a wedding and I was delighted to do so even if by now I am well past my sell-by date. I spoke on the theme of the third Sunday in Advent: John the Baptist.

After the service we joined everyone for coffee in the hall and then made our way back to Mount Pleasant where we were joined by David who had some measurements to take on the boat trailer. We dined in the farmhouse, Sunday lunch this week, and then I drove Mum to the Women’s Rural Carol Service at Gavinton before driving on myself to attend the members meeting of the Scottish National Party, Berwickshire branch. It is extremely interesting to see how this party is developing from the grass-roots as a result of the huge growth in membership in the aftermath of the referendum. Sometimes it is hard to avoid the thought that the real winners of the referendum have been the Scottish National Party.

I listened with interest to our local Scottish Member, Paul Wheelhouse, and also to a gentleman who was later adopted as a person to be considered for the constituency in the Westminster elections next year. I haven’t been to meetings like these before and I found it all quite fascinating.

Back home I discovered that Rachel had spring-cleaned the kitchen (and I am almost frightened to set foot in it because of the mud in the garden which it is almost impossible to avoid tramping in). I went off to Duns to buy us a Chinese take-away which we enjoyed in front of the fire, watching television and doing very little. It was lovely! (We found a Vicar of Dibley Christmas special which Rachel hadn’t seen before and then the climax of BBC Sports Personality of the Year – won this year by Lewis Hamilton).


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