Sunday 7th. December, 2014 --- It’s cold! 

Since I retired and now attend Church as a member of the congregation I have noticed that I appreciate things much more than when I was rushing around responsible for all that happened. This little bunch of flowers was on the communion table (not sure about that, mind) and I was struck by how beautiful the flowers were – colours, shape, and just ‘being’ on such a cold, frosty day as today

Rose, showered, walked Mix and went off to Church with Rachel and Mum. Tom and Dorothy were missing (Tom is still laid very low) and so was David (who told me he slept in). The service was on the theme of the lectionary and introduced us to John the Baptist. I find it strange the way the lectionary works. Today we get John the Baptist according to Mark and next week we get John the Baptist according to John. I always followed the theme of the advent candles – the promise of Jesus to return again, the prophets ( and therefore the Bible), John the Baptist, and Mary. I will have to think about what to do next week as I am standing in for Ann.

Drove home after coffee and soon afterwards David arrived and told me the tale of all the work he had had to do on his Jaguar yesterday and of falling asleep and not waking today until half-past ten. I can identify with that as I found it really hard to get up today.

Rachel and I had a snack and then Rachel set about the house with Christmas decorations and I got the fire going and got side-tracked by a Carry On film. Later Rachel went off to Berwick to Evensong (in my car because her car has blown its headlights). On her return we dined in the farmhouse before retiring to the Granary where Rachel had a television programme to watch (Remember Me). I walked Mix and got to bed early in the hope that I will finally be rid of this cold.


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