Saturday 6th. December, 2014 – St. Nicholas’ Day 

Mix enjoyed being in the summerhouse today -- although there have been great changes here, Mix's cushion still remains in front of the heater. Mix is happy!

Rose gingerly and walked Mix. I still have a big cough and I will definitely return to bed early this evening. David arrived and changed the brake-pads on his Jaguar (he has been using Rachel’s Berlingo since Thursday because his Jaguar brakes failed and his Saab has no clutch).

I started work on tidying the summerhouse but things happened slowly today. Everyone else – Mum, Olive, Digger, Ann and Rachel – went off to a craft fayre at Paxton House and then Rachel, Olive and Ann went for lunch at the Black Bull in Duns. I had a roll and cheese with the dogs (doesn’t it claw at your heart-strings)?

Later we dined in the farmhouse and I quickly walked Mix and retired to bed. I think I’m making progress and I hope that Tom is as well (Dorothy says that he is staying in bed today). Just to complete the sick report I should say that Rachel is now going down with a cold – she is much more sanguine about it than I am! (Digger is also sniffing and Mum thinks that she has the beginnings of a sore throat – Olive is fine.)


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