Thursday 4th. December, 2014 -- Ploughing (bravely) on! 

Well, there is a long way to go -- but you can see how it is going to look

Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom arrived and we compared symptoms. In fact, all that we did today was to erect a screen in the Bothy and then Tom returned home to rest up his cold. I took delivery of the bookcase which had arrived damaged a week ago. I erected it and fitted it in place.

David arrived and sorted out a problem which had arisen with the electrics. Mum went to a meeting of the Guild at Greenlaw and then to a pantomime in Duns. Ann arrived to run the kilt-making course tomorrow with Rachel, and Olive did some work on her kilt. I prepared the music for Arrochar Church, sent it off and went into Duns to buy a cold-cure from the chemist (who was not happy about me having both Lemsip and a cold cure).

We all dined together (except for Mum who had gone to her pantomime) and after dinner while Ann and Rachel put the world to rights, I had an early night to try to dispose of my cold which is now firmly ensconced in my chest.


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