Monday 1st. December, 2014 – It’s December already 

This is Olivebank sitting on her trailer -- the difference is that now the trailer is just about road worthy once again. David has stripped everything back and has rebuilt many of the component parts. He assures me that before the month is out, Olivebank will be able to be driven on the Queen's Highway and we will be able to trail her down to Amble for next season's sailing

I got up, walked Mix and breakfasted in the summerhouse. I am a bit under the weather with a cold. Today it is a head cold but if I remember colds rightly, it will spread down through my throat and end up in my chest. I say ‘if I remember’ because it seems an awfully long time ago since I had a cold, but this has all the hallmarks of a great one!

Met with Tom and David and then Tom and I spent the majority of the day putting together bookcases. We stopped at lunchtime and ate up some of the leftovers in the farmhouse and spent so long relaxing that we didn’t really get started again. Tomorrow we will fix the bookcases to the walls and then that will be that!

I dined in the farmhouse with the family and then retired extremely early to bed in an attempt to get rid of my cold.


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