Sunday 23rd. November, 2014 – A Relaxing Sunday 

I took this picture as I walked Mix late in the afternoon. There was still a bit of autumn sun and I took this picture into the sun just as it was beginning to disappear for the day. Today has been an attractive day: it is colder than it has been but it is also crisp and fair

Rose, walked Mix and after breakfast set of with Mum and Rachel for Gavinton Church where the service was being led by members of the Guild on this the final Sunday of the Christian Year and the end of Guild Week.

It was a lovely service with Marga leading worship and Ruby preaching. Ruby described several of Jesus’ miracles of healing and then asked us what each one had in common. It was that Jesus had been interrupted from what he was doing. She suggested that sometimes we are not very good at being interrupted and that perhaps a good prayer for today was that we should pray to be interrupted with the opportunity of doing something special for other people and for our Lord. Everyone did well – and after the service we were all invited up to the Church Hall for lunch prepared by Janet (with some help from her husband). This was another good event and I enjoyed it very much.

Back home, Rachel set about doing her administration for the kilt-making course she is running with Ann. I took a sneaky picture of her deep in concentration over her laptop.

Rachel is preparing materials for her kilt-making students. I have looked in at the course as it is being run and everyone is having a great time

I had a leisurely afternoon. Mix and I went for a walk and I spent some time arranging a new web-site. What I mean is that I bought a domain from one company and I spent quite a while transferring it to my existing hosting company. I was successful but it took a bit of working out. What I shall be doing is launching a Green Pilgrimage site for Scotland. It will tell the story of the work of the Green Pilgrimage Network (in Scotland but also around the world) and it will highlight some of the great work being done by other groups on pilgrimage in Scotland as well. It will take me a wee while to get it up and running because there is so much else to do and several of my projects are reaching defining moments.

Rachel went off to Evensong in Berwick and on her return we all dined in the farmhouse (Olive had had a student today – accounting examinations are getting very close).

In the evening Rachel and I enjoyed a quiet evening relaxing in front of the stove in the Granary lounge. I watched the Antiques Road Show, dozed through some ghost story which Rachel enjoyed and then caught up with the News and most of a programme about Jim Clark (the racing driver from this area) who died in a crash in Germany in 1968.

I walked Mix and went to bed. We are enjoying a life such as I never even dreamed of – how fortunate we are.


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