Thursday 20th. November, 2014 --- Normality returns 

This is Tom and Dorothy in the kitchen of their new house. It is a lovely house but those of you who know Tom and Dorothy will be able to picture them cleaning and polishing -- and that's before they have started doing all of the alterations to make the house just exactly the way they wish it to be. Whatever they do with it, it will be a very happy home and I wish them many happy years in it

Up, walked Mix, breakfasted and then Tom and I set off for Pearsons to buy guttering for the Bothy. It is a bit like a Meccano set – you have to know exactly what bits you require and then you come back home, put them all together and screw them on to the building. The gutter was up by lunchtime when we went, with David, who had arrived from meeting with the electricity board at Tom’s new house, to Pearsons. (I had a ploughman’s lunch – I had never seen so much cheese on one plate.)

Back at Mount Pleasant we fixed the downpipe to the gutter and then Tom did a marvellous job of fitting a final board under the front door to complete the seal. (Tom says I can have a guttering tick in my apprentice book, but in reality he did all the work: I held the ladder and passed the tools up and down. However, now I know what to do I will do the guttering on the summer house.)

Tom set off for home while David stayed for coffee and initiated me into CAD drawing on my computer. Anne arrived, she is here to run the kilt course tomorrow, and soon afterwards Rachel got back from Berwick where she had been at glass-making with Dorothy.

We dined early to enable Digger to set off for Berwick to collect Olive who has been in Dundee, lecturing, all day. Soon afterwards Rachel set off back to Berwick to attend the final choir rehearsal for her concert on Saturday evening.

I retired to the summer house to prepare the music for Arrochar for Sunday and to catch up on some administration. Olive, just back, had a student down here cramming for examinations which start very soon. Rachel returned home and forgot to close the gate. The next thing we knew, Mix had disappeared. A kind lady drove in to say she had seen a dog down towards the bridge. I set off at once with my torch, shouting ‘Mix’ at the top of my voice. Mix appeared in the distance racing back towards me. He is a very good dog and I am a very relieved master.

I walked Mix and retired to bed.


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