Monday 17th. November, 2014 – More Progress 

Visitors who came to see Mum last week, while I was at Canterbury, brought this doll to Mum. It is a fisher lass, I suppose, and comes from the north-east. Now it sits on Mum’s chair in her garden room

Woke, walked Mix, Breakfasted and was just on the point of setting off to buy carpet (having exhausted my internet searches) when David arrived. We set off for Berwick together and found a grand carpet store with a very helpful lady who found just what we were looking for – dark, hard-wearing, unlikely to show mud, perfect.
We cut the carpet and loaded it into the Bongo along with under-felt and gripper rod and then visited HomeBase to see about guttering. They have plenty but as the Bongo was full we determined to return later.

Back home, we set about brushing out the bothy (again) and then fitted the gripper board and laid the under-felt. Then we laid out the carpet to flatten overnight. I was astonished to see that it was by now almost tea time – where had the day gone?

David set off for a meeting and I got ready for supper, after which I watched University Challenge before getting an early night. Tomorrow I will have an early start.


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