Sunday 16th. November, 2014 --- A Happy Sunday 

Rachel took our organ to Church today to enable her to provide the music for the morning service and allow the regular organist to attend a Baptism service at Cranshaws. So we were treated to Rachel’s descants and arrangements: they were very good

Up, showered, walked Mix, breakfasted, loaded the organ into the car and set off with Rachel and Mum for Gavinton Church where Ann led our worship and preached on the parable of the talents. After the service we joined the rest of the congregation for tea and coffee in the church hall.

Back home accompanied by David and Tom for a little bit of planning about the next stage in our restoration programme. When they left I prepared a funeral service for a ceremony which I will conduct later in the week. Then I set off for Eyemouth to attend a meeting of the SNP which was addressed by Paul Wheelhouse, the Minister for the Environment and Climate Change. He had come to the Scottish Pilgrim Gathering and is the Minister currently responsible for many of the concerns of the Green Pilgrimage movement. I enjoyed listening to what he had to say. However, it is likely that Nicola Sturgeon will reshuffle her cabinet later this week and there is no way of knowing if Paul Wheelhouse will continue to hold that brief. (At the meeting I met Lothian from whom we bought Mount Pleasant. He was looking well and enjoying life beyond Mount Pleasant.)

I crawled home in thick fog – a deer leapt out in front of the car. I managed to stop and was glad that I decided to remain stopped because the deer was followed by another one almost at once. Back home Rachel took the fog as a cue not to drive to Berwick for Evensong. She was very wise.

Scott, Sue and Sue’s dad Bill had come to visit and I caught up with them in the farmhouse. On their departure Digger went into Duns to collect fish suppers for our tea. They were very good.

Rachel and I settled down in front of the fire and watched an old episode of Vera. I think it was good as well, although to be honest I dozed through the film, waking up in time to catch the News, walk the dog and retire to bed. Another good day.


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