Friday 14th. November, 2014 -- The Bothy is completed 

Tom, working at height, is completing the final sections of the wall in what will be our new bothy

Rose and walked Mix, breakfasted and met up with Tom and later with David. We continued with the Bothy – these last boards cutting around the beams take ages. Tom went off to take possession of his new house in Gavinton and David and I subjected the Bothy to a major clean up (and drank some coffee). Tom returned and we made a sprint for the line, completing the last sections of the final wall just before eight o’clock in the evening.

It felt really good! I dined on my own (having missed my evening meal) and then collapsed in front of the television where I watched a recording of the final episode of Grantchester. It has been a very good series.

Walked Mix and retired to bed. Perhaps I will have a long lie tomorrow morning. It has been a very good week.


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