Thursday 6th. November, 2014 – I work all day in the Bothy 

Late in the day, Mum and Cathy come to visit the Bothy and see all that has been done today. It is taking shape but we still have a large pile of timber which remains to be fitted

Up, walked Mix, breakfasted and set off to the Bothy to start work. Tom is already here, Dorothy is not going to the glass making today and Tom will only be here for a short time as he has other engagements during the day. Rachel, still tired out from yesterday, sets off for the glass-making and doesn’t return until late in the afternoon. David arrives and works with us until midway through the afternoon. I continue on my own, anxious to get as much done as possible as it may be a while before we are able to work on the Bothy again – tomorrow is St. Boswell’s auction day, and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week I am in Canterbury at a meeting of the European Chapter of the Green Pilgrimage network.

Cathy is busy upholstering chairs and Mum does a wash, Olive has a student to tutor in accountancy. We all eat together at six and afterwards Rachel sets off for her choir in Berwick. I come across to the summerhouse to prepare the music for Arrochar’s service this Sunday. There is little enough of it as this Sunday is Remembrance and the service is restricted to half-an-hour to enable everyone to walk to the war memorial.

I watch the News and am glad to get to bed. It has been a good day, but it has been a tiring one.


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