Tuesday 4th. November, 2014 – I go to the Presbytery of Duns 

There is still a bit to do – but what has been done looks superb. There will be an update tomorrow by which time I hope this wall will have been completed

Up, walked Mix, breakfasted and started work with Tom on completing the second wall in the Bothy. We worked hard and it seemed that as if in no time at all we had completed the straight box part of the wall, however the next section of the wall, the apex or the triangular section, was much more difficult with every piece having to be cut to shape and fitted (often with great difficulty around the roof beams). As a result, although we worked all morning and most of the afternoon, we did not get the wall completed – but we still feel that we did well.

Lots of other things were going on around us: Digger had Heidi at the vet (she has been unwell and has a temperature – the vet has prescribed a course of antibiotics for her), Mum was at her hairdresser and later at her Tai Chi, Rachel was getting things ready for her kilt-making course tomorrow (in which connection Ann arrived to lead the course), David was in and around spending some time assisting Tom and some working on the boat trailer. Cathy has started work on the chairs in the farmhouse dining room (it is an on-going project for Cathy and I think that four have now been totally upholstered).

Later in the afternoon, I showered and after supper went off to Duns to attend a meeting of the Presbytery. There was little business except for the overture from the General Assembly regarding the proposed permissive legislation to enable congregations to call as minister a person in a civil partnership. After a bit of quite good natured debate, the overture was approved by twenty-four votes to eleven.

I returned home, had some trifle which Olive had kept for me, walked the dogs and after watching the news, retired to bed.


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