Sunday 26th. October, 2014 – Rachel’s birthday 

The flowers which yesterday were hanging in a bag in the kitchen are now gracing the chancel in Gavinton Church – and very nice they looked

Woke and wished Rachel a happy birthday. I had got her a new soldering iron – doesn’t sound very interesting, but it was a very special one and she will use it for her stained-glass designing: in fact she couldn’t wait and started to use it this afternoon.

I showered, walked Mix and breakfasted in the farmhouse before Mum, Rachel and I went off to Gavinton Church where we joined Tom and Dorothy and David for a service on the theme of Bible Sunday conducted by Veronica and Ken (Veronica was a daughter of the Manse at Buckhaven in the days before I went there as minister. Her father was Mr. Fraser, the last minister at St. David’s Church.)

After the service we joined everyone for coffee in the hall and then returned to Mount Pleasant where Tom and Dorothy presented Rachel with a set of overalls for her birthday. Mix gave her a bottle of very fine malt whisky and Rowan added a very large box of Dairy Milk Chocolates.

We dined with the family in the farmhouse and more presents followed, some interesting wooden items made by the bodger at Bolton Abbey. Rachel blew out the candle on her cake – although the candle was of intense interest to Rowan who clearly enjoys birthdays.

Rowan wonders if she ought to blow out the candle to save Rachel the trouble – Rachel managed without Rowan’s help. It might be that Rowan was engaged in diversionary tactics, for while she was thus entertaining us Mix ate the remains of the pre-lunch nibbles

I had offered to take Rachel out for the afternoon but she preferred to play with her new soldering iron (making some beautiful stained-glass items) until it was time for she and I to drive to Berwick to attend Evensong (with a small jazz band providing a musical interlude). The Church is engaged in a period of assessment and is coming up with some good ideas, not least a prayer area in the Church for daily use. I got a copy of their plans which I will enjoy reading tomorrow.

Rachel and I enjoyed a quick snack before we all sat down to watch Downton Abbey, after which we walked the dogs and retired – it has been fair all day (unlike the rest of the country) but it is exceedingly windy.


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