Monday 20th. October, 2014 – We make progress 

Tom cuts while David holds the timber – the result: floor joists cut to size for the new Bothy floor

The proof of the pudding – by the end of the afternoon the floor joists of the Bothy have been cut to size and fitted in position. As soon as we get the floor boards we can get them laid and move on to the next stage of our project

Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Olive and Digger set off south to spend the week on Rachel’s narrow boat. Tom and David arrived and we put the world to rights arguing about boats and marinas, about brakes for trailers, about navigation, about dogs and much more until Charlotte arrived with all of our wood for creating floor joists, on her truck. We quickly got the wood off her truck and were on the point of starting work when we decided that it would be better to have lunch.

Tom went off to Gavinton while David and I went up to Pearsons to buy nails for the floor and to see if we could get hold of the special while stones which Mum wanted for her garden. Pearsons are superb, they had the stones and they agreed to deliver them this very afternoon.

Back home, Stewart (Mum’s gardener) was working on the garden. The stones arrived and were craned over the hedge right into position from where Stewart spread the stones to Mum’s satisfaction.

Mum’s little garden outside her window at lunch time today

The same garden at tea time today -- just wait until the pots are ablaze with colour!

Meanwhile Tom, David and I had started work on fitting the floor joists into place. Each joist was cut to size and fitted and then all of the joists were made exactly level both independently and with all of the other joists. It was quite complicated but Tom knew exactly what he was doing.

Job done and everyone went about their other business, Tom to Gavinton, David to return Sasha to Rebecca, and me to Duns to do some shopping (as I was on dinner duty).

Dinner was ready so that Rachel, Mum and I could eat as soon as Rachel returned from her narrow boat (she had been down getting it ready for Olive and Digger) about quarter past seven. Rowan and Mix's dinner was also sitting on plates awaiting the return of our travellers.

After dinner, we all watched Grantchester on the television, and then the News, before walking the dogs (Mix is so glad that Rowan has returned with Rachel) in what are becoming very blustery conditions.


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