Sunday 19th. October, 2014 – Back to (real) work again 

I conducted the morning services in two Churches this morning. First here at Gavinton at 10 a.m.

Second, here at Cranshaws at 11.45 a.m. -- the two congregations are part of the Parish of Langton and Lammermuir

Up, showered and walked Mix before breakfast and then Rachel and I set off for Gavinton Church early leaving Mum to be brought along later by David (who in the event got delayed and Mum was brought by Digger). The reason for our early start was that I was conducting the two services at Gavinton and Cranshaws Churches. It was just like old times with a service at 10 a.m. and another at 11.45 a.m.

I prepared the services on the theme of the Lectionary which introduced us to Paul’s letters to the Church at Thessalonica and in Matthew’s Gospel presented us with the incident in the Temple when Jesus is challenged about paying taxes to Caesar. I also introduced the commemoration of the Reformation which comes at the end of this month with the anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing of his 95 thesis to the door in Wittenberg.

After the service I joined everyone for coffee and then Rachel and I set off for Cranshaws (David took Mum home). I enjoyed sharing with the small congregation in Cranshaws, a historic Church in which King James IV worshipped before the battle of Flodden.

Back home, Rachel immediately set off with Rowan for Barnoldswick to spend the night on her canal boat and get it ready for the arrival of Olive and Digger who are to holiday on it this week.

Mix and I retired to the summer house where, after the clean out of yesterday, I set about tidying my desk but ended up watching Andy Murray playing David Ferrer in the final of the Austrian tennis tournament. It was extremely exciting with Andy Murray eventually coming out on top.

Olive, Digger, Mum and I ate in the farmhouse and then later in the evening Olive and Mum joined me in the Granary to watch Downton Abbey. Should say that although it has been fair today, it is extremely blustery and the forecast is suggesting that there will be some wild weather during this week. We shall see – but the winds are removing the autumn leaves from the trees. That’s inevitable, but their colours are so wonderful that it is a bit of a pity.


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