Saturday 18th. October, 2014 – A Very Quiet Saturday 

Rachel spent the afternoon in the stables, neither weaving nor kilt making, but working on her stained glass designs. Here she is grinding the edge of a piece of glass using her Dremel, ensuring that it is perfectly flat and ready to be encased with copper tape and joined to its neighbouring piece in her work of art

Today is Saturday and I slept in, not rising until after ten! Shocking, but then I am retired and outside the wind was howling. Once up I walked Mix and then retired to the summer house to prepare a service for tomorrow when I am standing in for our minister while she is on holiday.

I had a bite to eat at lunch time and then spent the rest of the afternoon spring-cleaning the summer house which has taken a battering over recent weeks. Olive had a student down to do some accounting.

We all dined together in the farm house after which we retired to the Granary to spend a Saturday evening relaxing in front of the fire. Ah, I was born for this. (We watched an old episode of Mr. Whicher – it was very good.)


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