Wednesday 8th. October, 2014 – The site meeting (and lunch) 

I snapped Dorothy, Rachel and David outside the Church Hall in brilliant autumn sunshine. We were early for the soup and cake lunch – Tom had gone in to discover when we could all arrive! We were told that if we had a bottle of sherry we could come in at once. We didn’t have but we did anyway

Tom and David arrived about nine thirty and we immediately started to try to work out what to do about the Bothy floor which continued to flood after we had laid some concrete. Digger and Rachel arrived and joined in the discussion. Tom was adamant that we had to raise the level of the concrete above the highest level of the water table; Digger had concerns that whatever we did water would always find a way in. Rachel thought we should tank the whole place with higher levels of concrete around the edges of the building. To try to discover what was happening, Digger flooded the area behind the Bothy and to the best of our knowledge no water came into the floor area. Next he flooded the front area (where there is an open door area) and water began to appear, probably getting in between the front step and the walls and between the membranes. Digger also took some levels which convinced him that if the level of the floor was raised by just a couple of inches we would avoid any further problem. This ties in with Tom’s view that what was needed was more concrete (although Digger still thinks that we will need to be careful about the wood which is embedded within the concrete). To this end we have ordered a delivery of concrete for tomorrow morning and hope to have resolved the problem.

Tom, David, Rachel, Dorothy and I all went up to Gavinton Church for the soup and cake lunch. We were joined at our table by Bridget and all enjoyed a lively lunch – it was well attended with around eighteen folk in all.

In the afternoon David and I erected the mast on Escapade (now safely back at Mount Pleasant) and once David had set off for his next appointment (he has five today, he tells me), I went into Duns where I bought some shackles for the boat from JTS. I then got round to dealing with my Sky account – I really ‘need’ Sky because I like to watch the cricket but the cost of my subscription jumped this month because I discover that I got a discount for the first year at my new address. I discovered that I was paying quite a bit for Sky Movies which we don’t watch and now, in any case, there are so many ways of getting movies (through Amazon and through ‘on demand’) so I have cancelled that part of my subscription. Making small savings makes one feel good!

We dined at 6 in the farm house with Olive and Digger and then later in the evening, after I had prepared the music for Arrochar Church, we watched Scott and Bailey which I really enjoy. That was really it for today, however, I hope that the decisions we have made will lead to some rapid progress with the Bothy next week.

Walked Mix and went to bed.


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