Tuesday 7th. October, 2014 – A visit to Whiteadder Reservoir and to the Presbytery 

This is the way in to Duns Church Hall – I was in the hall this evening for the regular monthly meeting of Duns Presbytery. It is a gentle presbytery and a warm one with everyone very considerate of the feelings of other people. I suppose that it is very much a rural presbytery. It's certainly very small, once the presbytery plan has been implemented I understand that there will be seven charges looking after twenty places of worship

I had arranged to meet the boys at 11 this morning (as Tom had to deal with an MOT). As a result I stayed longer in bed and then sat upstairs listening to the Kevin Peterson interview on radio 5. (Do you know that if you access radio 5 on your ipad you can see what is going on in the studio). I wandered downstairs at half past ten (when the news was on between interview segments) only to be told that David and Tom had been and gone, having set off for Whiteadder Reservoir having been told by Rachel that I was still asleep in bed!

I set off after them, listening to the rest of the interview on the car radio. At Whiteadder we prepared Escapade (our Wayfarer) to bring back to Mount Pleasant. We also went off to Abbey St. Bathans to speak with Willie at the wood mill about our next delivery of wood which he is holding on to until we have sorted out our problems with the Bothy under-floor.

We returned to Mount Pleasant and parked Escapade before Tom rushed off to Berwick to collect Dorothy from a train. David and I had coffee and then started clearing water from the Bothy with help from Digger. Collectively we scratched our heads about how to proceed with the Bothy – and agreed that we would have a site meeting tomorrow when Tom was back. We also had a pleasant coffee break with Olive in the farmhouse.

There was just time for me to have a shower and change before dinner at the farmhouse and then a drive to Duns to attend Presbytery. It was a quiet meeting with an address on including those with hearing disabilities with the family of the Church (and a debate about selling our minister’s manse – after she has retired).

Back home I watched the News, walked Mix and went to bed. Rachel has been extremely busy cleaning and clearing the kitchen. It looks superb.


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