Monday 6th. October, 2014 – The rain returns 

Sasha was a little jealous of the attention which David was receiving primarily from Rowan, so she decided that she would exert her claims of ownership

The rain returned overnight with a vengeance and it is no consolation that the whole country seems to be suffering, nor that we seem to be getting off much lighter than many other places. I am taking it badly not to be able to be out and about getting on with our projects after such an excellent summer and such a dry and warm September.

Tom arrived and we retired to the summer house. Willie had already telephoned to say that he did not propose to bring our wood (for the floor of the Bothy) today due to the weather and I was delighted at that decision. I also got a call from the garage in Helensburgh to say that it was too windy to bring Olivebank to Mount Pleasant, and it was certainly too wet for Tom and I to do very much outside. We thought that we might go up to the Whiteadder reservoir and see about bringing Escapade back home, but first we would wait for David.

David arrived and by this time it was raining so heavily that we abandoned any thought of going to the boat. Rachel returned having taken Mum to get a train at Berwick. Mum is off for the week to spend time with her sisters at Aunt Agnes’s time-share at Cameron House by Loch Lomond. (I phoned later to check that Mum had arrived. There was a delay in her answering her mobile – she told me that it was the first call she had ever received – but she was fine and all of the arrangements had worked out perfectly.)

Sandy arrived to do a bit of weaving and then a reporter from the local paper came to speak to Rachel about her kilt-making plans – a photographer as well! By this time David, Tom and I were at Pearsons having lunch and then driving in to Berwick to visit HomeBase (where David did some shopping) and Curries (where Tom did some shopping). From there we went off to Tom’s home to move his caravan before returning to Mount Pleasant.

Tom went off back to Gavinton and, after a coffee and a chocolate biscuit (well he had brought sixty with him this morning), David also set off for home. Soon afterwards Olive returned to Mount Pleasant having been at Dundee lecturing at the university. What a lot of coming and going there has been today.

We all dined at 6 (well all except Mum who is at Loch Lomond) after which Rachel and I settled down in front of the stove in the Granary. I’m quite tired for someone who hasn’t actually done anything today – but then that is often the way. We watched University Challenge, Panorama (about working poverty in the United Kingdom) and the first episode of Grantchester and when I walked Mix it was so light (with moonlight) that I didn’t require a torch.


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