Sunday 5th. October, 2014 – A fascinating afternoon on the computer 

As Mix and I walked this morning, I took this picture of one of the fields which has featured regularly in my recording of this last year. How different it is today. The harvest has gone, the field has been ploughed and now it is awaiting its next crop. Must be a bit like someone who runs a bed-and-breakfast establishment, never quite knowing what is going to come next

Walked Mix and breakfasted before driving with Olive and Mum to Gavinton Church. Ann presented us with all of the lectionary readings today: the story of the ten commandments from Exodus, Paul’s boast about his pedigree which he tells his readers means nothing without Christ, the parable of the vineyard from Matthew’s Gospel and that great Psalm 19. Ann then spoke about the first commandment – to have no other God but God. It was good.

We shared in coffee after the service and then returned home to discover that we couldn’t get into the drive because of work being done to lay fibre-optic cables along the roadside. It didn’t matter, we parked the Berlingo in the front driveway.

We all ate together at lunchtime after which I retired to the summer house to try to get to grips with my new web-site, The task I had set myself was to discover how to set up a slideshow within the site. I used our trip to London to visit the Globe Theatre as a guinea pig and by the time Rachel came home from Evensong I had managed to make a functioning slideshow on a web-post. In the end it was simpler than I had imagined. I started by trying to download plug-ins to do the task for me. In fact it was simpler just to work through it myself, and that’s what I did.

On Rachel’s return, we had some supper and then we were joined in the Granary by Olive and Mum to watch Downton Abbey and the News. Following this I came back out to the summer house to proof read (and correct) my work of the afternoon. I had run out of time earlier so any early evening viewers will have caught an un-edited version of my post.

Walked the dog amid thoughts that more heavy rain is on the way. The remains of the last rain can still be seen in some places, not least around this pylon which has now become an island:


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