Tuesday 3oth. September, 2014 – A quiet day 

Last year this was my final day at work. I left Luss Manse for the final time in the late afternoon and drove down to my new home, accompanied by Rachel and Cathy. I remember being entranced by the beauty of this area, something which I now try extremely hard not to take for granted. This morning as I walked Mix I remembered all those thoughts and took this picture of the field by which I was walking. The harvest has all been gathered in, but still it looks extremely beautiful

Up a bit later than usual and went off with Mix for a walk. Today neither Tom nor David is coming here and I can take today a bit easier in preparation for all my travelling tomorrow when Rachel and I will be in London at the Globe Theatre.

I spent the morning in the summer house putting my new web-site into some kind of order. I was surprised at all that had to be done before I could put just a brief welcoming message on the front page. However by lunchtime I had that done. I gather that it will be a little while before Google will pick up my new site and even then I suspect that it will not register prominently because there are so many Mount Pleasants (including a television series) but my new address is www.mountpleasant.scot -- an address I was pleased to get because of the scot suffix.

After lunch I set up email addresses to connect with the new web-site – I will continue to use my existing address and my blog will continue to reside on this existing site because I am very happy with it.

I got packed and organised for our trip away tomorrow and then Mix and I went for a walk along Bramble Avenue before it was time to return to the summer house to get a telephone call about Green Pilgrimage matters. We ate in the farm house after which I walked Mix and had an extremely early night which will be followed by an equally early start tomorrow morning.

Mum has had a good day, first at her hairdresser and then at Tai Chi; Digger has disposed of his old car and did quite well out of it; Rachel has been producing advertising materials for a course she is soon to run and Olive said she has been pottering. I think that we have all had a good day.


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