Saturday 27th. September, 2014 – Not quite as planned 

A picture taken by Dorothy of the Ellemford Show. What a wonderful marquee

I rose and walked Mix and soon afterwards Tom and Dorothy arrived on their way to the Ellemford Show. I had been looking forward to going with them but there were things which required my attention at Mount Pleasant and so I stayed and Rachel went with Tom and Dorothy.

Olive and Digger went off to Berwick to shop (in the new car). Mum's gardener, Stewart, arrived and worked hard on the grass around the Granary, the Summer House and the entrance to Mount Pleasant, as well as cutting back the hedge behind the summer house. Tom, Dorothy and Rachel returned to tell me that they had had a good time at what was a real community show with animals and exhibitions, sheep dog trials, terrier racing and food and drink. Tom brought me a cap advertising the show.

This is a picture of the Gavinton Church stall based in Clare’s mobile home. I’m told that it was well supported

Later I showered and got ready to go to the Maltings to attend Simon Callow’s one man presentation of The Man Jesus. The theatre was full and the performance (and production) was excellent – a retelling of the story of Jesus’ life through the eyes of twelve people whom he met, their lives crisscrossing and inter-relating in the telling. I hadn’t quite known what to expect but it was superbly done and challenging as well with, I suspect, most for people who were already well-versed in the story. Full marks to the Maltings and to Simon Callow.

Back home, we received a grand welcome from the dogs whom we walked before bed. It has been a good day – made better by how well the European team is doing in the Ryder Cup. We lead ten to six at the end of day two with just the singles to come tomorrow.


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