Monday 22nd. September, 2014 – Rachel sets off for Barnoldswick 

This is a picture of The Chandlery in Berwick, of the cafe called Lowry after the celebrated painter of the same name who had connections with Berwick. David brought me here this afternoon when we were out and about. I had a splendid hot chocolate

Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Soon afterwards David (with his dog Sasha -- that's how it is pronounced but I don't know if it is how it is spelt -- arrived (Tom is in England at a birthday party). At the same time Rachel and Rowan set off for Barnoldswick where they are to spend a day or two painting the canal boat in readiness for winter. David and I went up to the Whiteadder Reservoir to take some measurements from Escapade’s trailer so that we can fit a jockey-wheel at the front which will make it easier to pull the boat back up to the boat park once it has been taken out of the water.

Then we drove back to Mount Pleasant to join Olive, Digger and Mum with two of Mum’s friends, Margaret and Barbara, for a snack lunch after which we showed them around the barns. Next David and I started the task of emptying the Bothy (we will complete the task tomorrow).

Now it was time to drive to Berwick to get brackets for the jockey-wheel for Escapade. We also tried to find a new car for Digger and Olive. (David had identified as Astra at a very reasonable price but when we went to see it, it had already been sold.) I spoke to Simon on the telephone and he is also looking out for a car for Digger.

Before returning home to Mount Pleasant, David took me for a hot chocolate at Lowry’s. It was very good. Back home, David went off to a meeting and I joined Olive, Digger and Mum for our evening meal after which Mix and I retired to the summer house where I did my accounts and sorted out some of my papers which were requiring attention.

We went back in to the Granary in time to watch the News before a last walk before bed.


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