Sunday 21st. September, 2014 – Tea at the Ritz 

Sitting down around the table in the Manse dining room for 'tea at the Ritz'. From the left: Bridget, Rachel, Mum, Ann and Tom -- all slightly thrown into silhouette by the strong sunshine coming in through the window

I was up just after eight, showered and packed before wandering down to the breakfast room where I shared breakfast with my great friend Brian. I always enjoy hotel breakfasts and this hotel had the lot – fruit, orange juice, coffee, bacon, scrambled egg, black pudding, sausage, tattie scone, tomato, mushroom and more. I ate it all and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Having said my farewells I set off for home. It was a lovely day and a lovely drive and I arrived home just after one in the afternoon. Mix was pleased to welcome me back. I changed into a suit and Tom came to collect Mum, Rachel and me and take us, along with Bridget, to the Manse at Cranshaws for the Church afternoon teas. These were modelled on afternoon tea at the Ritz. We were each given a menu with a wide variety of teas, sandwiches and cakes and there was champagne as well should we wish (Rachel and Mum did wish). We were at a table in the dining room, but there were other tables elsewhere and everyone was clearly having an excellent time – and in the process raising around £600 for Church funds. Well done to everyone who was involved.

Once we had gorged ourselves on sandwiches and scones, Andrea arrived with the cakes

Tom drove us home and soon (you’ve guessed it) it was time for dinner. What a day it has been: an hotel breakfast, afternoon tea ‘at the Ritz’ and dinner in the farmhouse. No wonder I am putting on weight.

In the evening Olive and Mum came across to the Granary, where Rachel had lit the stove, to watch Downton Abbey. It was a fun first episode reminding us of what had gone before and laying the foundations for what will happen during this series. Light and frothy and great for a Sunday evening after having had too much to eat.

I walked Mix (who was delighted to have me home) and went to bed.


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