Thursday 18th. September, 2014 – While Scotland votes, I go off to Stirling 

It is a grey day and I am parked next to a grey car just ready to go into the building in the picture for the regular meeting of the Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum. It is a long drive but at least there is always a parking spot

I was up early as Rachel had to go off to the first session of her stained-glass class for the new season. We drove into Duns to register our votes and then came back in time for Rachel to get off to Berwick and me to get ready and then set off for Stirling for a meeting of the Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum.

It was a good meeting which lasted throughout the afternoon with most of the time being taken up with the preparations for the Pilgrim Gathering in Dunfermline in a couple of weeks. That is going to be a great event but I will record it when I have been at it rather than describe what I think is going to happen.

It was a long drive home because, of course, I hit the rush hour on the Edinburgh ring road and as a result it was after seven when I reached Duns. Rachel was already away to her choir rehearsals which have also started again after the summer, and so I want out for a Chinese take-away which I enjoyed in front of the television before driving over to Tom and Dorothy’s to hand-in some gifts from our family for Tom’s birthday. I stayed for coffee and a blether.

Back home I turned on the television but by now everything was taken over by the referendum although it was clear a) that the no vote had got most votes and b) that there were going to be no declarations for a considerable number of hours. So I went to bed and, although Rachel was watching television in bed, I very quickly fell asleep.

I say that the ‘no vote had got most votes’ rather than ‘won’ quite deliberately because it seems to me that the leaders of that campaign got most votes by offering to hand over a great deal of the powers which the ‘yes’ campaigners really wanted. So maybe over the two years of battering at each other, the campaigners have arrived at what many wanted on the ballot paper to start with. But at that time the leaders wouldn’t agree to have a third option on the ballot paper. Strange. It will be interesting to see what happens next.


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