Wednesday 17th. September, 2014 – We plant a tree and attend a film festival 

This is the tree we planted. It is a Rowan and we planted it today because it was Rachel’s Mum’s birthday and she would have liked it. Mind you, it wasn’t easy. We discovered that our back lawn is sown on top of a huge amount of building rubble and when digging the hole for the tree we had to remove a great number of stones and old bricks. You can see in the picture one of the immense boulders which came out of the hole, but now that it is done it looks grand and it has half a bag of compost to help it settle in

Up today and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom and David were busy with other things so I was able to enjoy the most amazing day of cricket (unfortunately just on the radio). Durham put Northamptonshire to the sword, bowling them out for 83 and then for 90 in a little over forty overs. It was a magnificent victory and a timely reminder of how good Durham are. I am hoping that it is a good omen for Saturday when we play Warwickshire in the final of the one day competition.

Rachel and I, with Mum, went off to Berwick to buy a tree from the Garden Centre there and while we were there I found a table and chairs for the garden which was dramatically reduced for the end of the season. I purchased it but obviously couldn’t get it into the Berlingo. Tom has kindly said that he would take me along with the trailer on Friday to get it collected.

Back home, we planted the tree (not without difficulty) and Mum put up her hanging basket, the flowers for which she had also bought at the Garden Centre. I made myself something to eat and it wasn’t long before we were setting off for Berwick to attend the opening of the Berwick Upon Tweed Film Festival in the Maltings. We sat in the auditorium and Scott and Sue arrived to sit beside us -- a nice bonus. After a short opening ceremony we watched the opening film which was the UK premier of a Serbian film (with English subtitles) called Mamarosh (which I think – only think – means Mummy’s boy). I enjoyed the film very much and it was a film which I certainly wouldn’t have seen had it not been part of a festival.

After the film we were all invited to walk down to outside of the town walls where a marquee with drinks had been erected giving us the chance of a drink – a welcome drink because the theatre had been so warm – and then to visit the Custom House and Ice House to see a short film entitled The Twilight State which was a series of dream sequences shot between South Africa and Swaziland. The sequences started with shots filmed in the Kruger National Park (where Rachel and I had spent a few days a couple of years ago) and the colours (and the animals) reminded me of those happy days – although the subject matter of the film was more challenging than that, it floated over me because I had spent the earlier part of the evening immersed in the Serbian film. It was a happy evening and I was glad to have been there.

Back home in time to walk Mix and get off to bed.


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