Monday 15th. September, 2014 – The Works Outing 

Today we found ourselves in B & Q in Galashiels. Tom was keen to buy a particular kind of lantern (appropriately called a Polaris) but it was kept high on one of the shelves and, try as we might, no assistant was available to assist our purchase. So David commandeered a step ladder on wheels and drove it to the right spot from where he was able to retrieve a Polaris lamp for Tom. As soon as David started to climb the steps a crowd began to gather, no doubt anticipating that he was about to address us with his views on the forthcoming referendum but he gave up that opportunity, descended the ladder and we all made our way to the checkout in an orderly manner

Today was not a good day, certainly as far as the weather was concerned. However, that didn’t affect our spirits at all. I got up and walked Mix before breakfast and afterwards David arrived and started work on the latest electrical installation, designed to give us light to work in the Bothy. Later in the morning Tom arrived fresh from house-hunting, or at least house-inspecting, and after coffee and a chat we all set off on a Works Outing to Galashiels.

First stop was B & Q which we thoroughly inspected before setting off for McDonald’s where we enjoyed burgers, chips and juice. Next we toured Gala so that we could take in the Manse in Mossilee Road, our home when Dad was miniskter here many years ago. While Galashiels has changed markedly, the Manse looks no different (except that the drive has been tarmacadamed).

We drove leisurely back to Duns conducting, as we drove, our own referendum poll. We discovered that ‘No, thanks’ signs dominated the fields along our route, while ‘Yes’ signs almost had a monopoly of the windows in people’s houses. Only one bridge had a sign and that was ‘Yes’, while only one telegraph pole had a sign and that was ‘No’. We have yet to work out the conclusions of our research but Tom was keen to point out that the telegraph pole could certainly claim to be the ‘Pole of Polls’.

Once back at Mount Pleasant we examined the ground in the Bothy. It has been raining hard and even although we have a roof, the ground was wet – our conclusion: we will have to put in a concrete base to avoid problems in the future. Tom went off to see what Dorothy had made of their house-hunting this morning; David stayed for coffee.

Later we dined in the farmhouse – fish-pie made by Digger – and then I retired to the summer house to do some sorting out before joining Rachel in the Granary to watch New Tricks on television. I followed this by catching up on the News before walking Mix and retiring for the night. Tomorrow, if the weather is satisfactory, we will go sailing! Life is good.


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