Sunday 14th. September, 2014 – It’s Sunday again 

Over the garden fence, Digger has been digging in his allotment. This year there were potatoes in the strip which has been dug, I wonder what will appear next year?

Rose, showered, walked Mix and breakfasted in the farmhouse before Rachel drove Mum and me to Gavinton Church. Ann read to us the story of the crossing of the Red Sea, the parable of the unforgiving servant and a passage from Romans which emphasised the need for people of different opinions and practices to have respect for each other – singularly appropriate for the Sunday before the referendum. She spoke on the importance of story. What happened to the Israelites didn’t really matter, what did matter was that God had intervened in their lives and led them to safety. That would be their story from this point forward (even if they would forget it from time to time).

Back Home Olive had a student to teach so we didn’t eat until the evening. It suited everyone because Mum was away to a book event in, I believe, Galashiels, taken by the librarian from Duns. I stood in for her and met with her gardener, Stewart, explaining what she would like him to do in the next few weeks. Basically our plan is to sort out the entrance to Mount Pleasant. Rachel and I have allowed our lawns there to get overgrown (well, our lawns everywhere to get overgrown) but Stewart is going to help us to get them back in order and also to sort out the bushes and display areas on these lawns. Our idea is to have a lovely bit we can furnish with outdoor tables and chairs for the benefit of those who come to learn to weave and make kilts with Anne and Rachel.

After Stewart left, I had a snack with Rachel and then repaired to the summer house to make a couple of phone calls and then to relax. Rachel went off to Evensong and on her return we all ate in the farmhouse.

Afterwards we had a quiet evening watching television. First, a referendum debate from Stirling (more of the same!) and then an episode of Mr. Whicher (very good). It is really good to be retired. Mix and I ended the day walking around the estate but I did find time to read a bit of my book before falling asleep. It is Jack of Spies by David Downing. I’m not really very far into it as yet but I am enjoying what I have read.


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