Saturday 13th. September, 2014 – A Gorgeous Day 

After a slow start, today turned out to be gorgeous: the sun shone down and it was certainly a day to be outdoors. I took this picture through the window of the summer house. Rowan is lying in wait for Rachel who has gone down into the woods to collect brambles. Yesterday she took Rowan but Rowan got quickly bored, today Rowan has been left at home and she is spending this part of the afternoon just waiting for Rachel to return. Such is life

Slept in until after nine, got up and walked Mix and then sorted out my finances! I had intended to start sorting out the box room in the Granary but instead Rachel started on the garden and I was recruited to help. First we gathered in all of the grass which had been lying since last time the grass was cut. Then I moved all of the blocks which we have ready for building the floor in the bothy. They were heavy but I got them all into the courtyard where they will soon be required. Rachel and I collected up all of the loose grass from the entrance area and then did the same in the back garden and around the summer house.

Finally it was time for some lunch. In the afternoon I sorted a few things from the Hen House and from the cart shed. I say, I sorted a few things, what I mean is that I searched for a few things, largely without success. What we should have done, thinking about it and seeing what a lovely day it has turned out to be, was to unload the Hen House into the courtyard and sort everything out. Perhaps that will be our plan for one day next week. However it is lovely to have such a wonderful day in which to relax.

Courtesy of Mum we all enjoyed a Chinese carry-out this evening and then we gathered in the Granary to watch a film on DVD which Jeffrey had given Olive for her birthday – The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed watching the Last Night of the Proms with all of its rousing tunes and excited crowds.

Walked Mix before bed. I’m hoping for another fine day tomorrow.


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