Thursday 11th. September, 2014 – A long day 

A view of Westside Plaza in Wester Hailes, a suburb of Edinburgh. It is here that Rachel and I come to visit our dentist, Andrew. Andrew used to be our dentist in Buckhaven but when he moved to Edinburgh we followed him

Up exceedingly early and had showered and walked Mix before seven. It was at seven that we set off for Edinburgh. Still we managed to get caught up in the rush hour traffic around Edinburgh and we arrived at our dentist just in time for our 8.40 a.m. appointment. I had a tooth x-rayed and Rachel just had a check-up. Neither of us required anything to be done so we are free for another six months. Andrew gave me a very back-handed compliment, he said, “You seem to be caring better for your teeth now that you are retired.” Ah well, what else is there to do?

We journeyed on from Edinburgh to Kirkcaldy where we attended the funeral of our friend Alan who died last week. The service was held at Kirkcaldy Crematorium and the crematorium was packed, a real tribute to Alan and one which I hope his family appreciated. The service was conducted by Wilma from Buckhaven and she did it very well (as I would have expected her to do).

After the service, we chatted with many old friends (Peter, my great friend who worked with me at Buckhaven drove over from Kilmacolm to be present and it was good to see him). We drove home and got back to Mount Pleasant around four, just in time to have coffee with David who had been working on the lights. We dined in the farmhouse (early because Rachel was going to a musical event with Bridget, and Mum was off to the Rural at Gavinton to hear about the work of the Marie Currie organisation). I watched the latest referendum debate, walked Mix, and was in bed before the start of Newsnight which I had intended to watch but quickly fell asleep.


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