Monday 8th. September, 2014 – Mix is returned to health 

Mix relaxes on his cushion in the summer house, his favourite place – I think that he is a bit of a chameleon, blending perfectly with his surroundings (but only when he is on this cushion)

Woke and walked Mix. He seems to be back in good health with a cough that has disappeared. He also seems much more cheerful and relaxed – you don’t get much more relaxed than the picture of him here on his cushion in the summer house.

Tom, Dorothy, David and Clare arrived this morning – Clare, Dorothy and Olive to have a chat about the need for a treasurer for the church because the existing treasurer is moving from the area. I gave them coffee in the summer house and then left them to it, joining Tom and David who were working on the Bothy.

By the end of the morning David had installed power into the Bothy and got the courtyard light on the Bothy wall functioning. Tom completed the barge board on the west end of the Bothy and installed the finial. Both then went off with other things to do.

Rachel painted the courtyard doors with a lovely Oxford Blue (I would call it navy blue myself) and then went off to get copies of the summer house key after the existing key broke in my hand last night when I locked the place up.

In the late afternoon, our friends Ewen and Jane arrived to stay a few days with us. They are from Australia and we got to know them through the services which we broadcast from Luss. It was really good to see them. We all ate together in the farmhouse and afterwards we spent the evening gossiping in the Granary. Tomorrow we will show them something of where we live. I am looking forward to that enormously.


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