Thursday 4th. September, 2014 – One Year On! 

I took this picture this morning. I took a similar picture exactly a year ago (well it was in the afternoon) and things look remarkably similar – but what a lot has happened during our first year here

Up and walked Mix (I didn’t breakfast because I was still full of food from a too late meal last night) and then Tom and David arrived. We rescued Rachel’s table from the Bothy where it had been put for safe-keeping during the ‘event’ last weekend and we talked through our plans, resolving to meet up tomorrow morning to continue the work.

At lunch time we had a snack lunch at The Granary in Berwick. The Granary is part of the Youth Hostel and it is quite a fine building with a very friendly little snack bar on the ground floor. I should have taken the picture when there was more food on the table, but the food was so good that I ate it down quite forgetting that I would like a picture

Today was Olive’s birthday and Digger, Olive and I went into Berwick where we lunched at the Granary – I had a very pleasant omelette – before Olive went shopping with her holiday money buying all kinds of good things, including this hat:

Olive's hat from the Green Shop

We shopped all along Bridge Street, and while Olive was in the Cook Shop, Digger and I explored the High Street, or Marygate as I have learned that it is called. Digger bought two pairs of reading glasses, I returned empty-handed.

We drove home via the Garden Centre where Olive did some more purchasing and I noted again what everyone knows, that everything is much cheaper at the end of the season than at the start.

Soon after six we all drove off in Rachel’s Berlingo to the Lindisfarne Inn where we had a celebratory evening meal. I started with antipasto, moved on to sweet and sour chicken and ended up with a summer pudding filled with fruits of the forest and topped with whipped cream. We drank many a toast, to Olive’s birthday, to one year at Mount Pleasant, to the fiftieth anniversary of the Forth Road Bridge, to the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Citizens’ Advice Bureaux and we reminisced over our year in the Borders. It has been a happy time and we have achieved a lot – in fact Rachel and I haven’t really been here a year. I didn’t retire until the end of September and then I spent much of October at Luss conducting weddings but I will try to prepare an annual review over the next few days.

Here we are -- all except me (but you can see my food at the empty place) -- in the Lindisfarne Inn: definitely to be recommended and only half an hour from home. As it is in England, it is quite fun to say "We dined abroad this evening"

Outside, this view of the Lindisfarne Inn was quite evocative, I thought

We came back to Mount Pleasant for coffee before walking the dogs and retiring for the night. Mix has developed a cough and it seems quite nasty. Tomorrow morning, if it isn’t any better, we shall be in touch with the Vet.

I also took a picture from this position a year ago today. The grass was cut last time around (it will be cut tomorrow) but this little tree wasn't here. The apple tree was a gift from the children of Luss Sunday School. Just look at how much fruit it is bearing


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