Sunday 31st. August, 2014 – A Late Summer Sunday 

In the early afternoon Cathy had to set off for home (given a lift by Anne who was driving home to Gourock). The sun was shining down and, before they left, I took this picture of those who were to hand: Digger, Catriona (Martin’s partner and someone who is special here not least because she helped to build the summer house), Dorothy, Olive and Cathy

I was up at quarter to seven, ready to drive Cathy to Berwick to get a very early bus to Berwick. However, unbeknown to me, late last night Anne had suggested that she would drive Cathy home so, up early to no avail, Mix and I went for a very pleasant early morning stroll.

Five of us – Mum, Rachel, Anne, Cathy and I – went off to Longformacus for the service this morning. We continued with the story of Moses, today being introduced to his Call and the bush which burned and was not consumed. Ann, our minister, spoke about her work with the selection school process of the Church and the importance given by directors of this process in being able to affirm the Call of those who presented themselves for selection.

I came home with Tom (leaving a bit more room in Rachel’s car for the others). Dorothy, Evelyn – Dorothy’s friend from Switzerland – and Catriona walked from Gavinton to Mount Pleasant where we all met up around the dining table and devoured the rest of the stovies and the trifle from last night. It seemed a fitting end to what has been several weeks of activity.

Rachel and Anne outside the Granary, all geared up to start to offer training courses in kilt-making, in weaving and in all associated skills. Traditional craft skills are dying out and just perhaps we will help to halt that decline

Anne and Cathy set off for the west. Tom drove home and the girls walked back to Gavinton (I think that Dorothy would like to have got a lift in the car).

I retired to the summer house where, having eaten far too many stovies and equally too much trifle, I reclined in my arm chair and listened to the cricket from Durham. We only just scraped two hundred and fifty runs which looked very poor. By the end of the afternoon, however, with Nottingham on 66 for four, it was looking a little bit better.

Rachel went off to Evensong which she enjoyed. She stayed for a short recital afterwards and thought that it was wonderful. On her return the dogs and I moved inside and watched some television, in my case fairly somnolently, before it was time for bed.

It seems that our little birds have finally left us -- we wish them well wherever they go.


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