Friday 29th. August, 2014 – Final Preparations 

Today was a day of final preparations. Here the Stables have been set out ready for our ‘event’ tomorrow and Tom and David (one singing and one posing for the picture) are trying things out. It is going to be fun

Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom arrived early and we drove to Gavinton, picked up Tom’s trailer and then brought seats from the church hall to Mount Pleasant. We got everything set out as we think it should be and then made a car-parking plan for tomorrow as well. After an extended coffee break Tom and David went home while I fixed Rachel’s computer and then prepared the music for Arrochar and emailed it off to Jamie.

I had some lunch and then checked up that everything was ready for tomorrow. David returned and did some more of his electrical work before we all dined in the farmhouse, and then David, Tom, Martin and I had a rehearsal in the Stables. Martin sings all his own songs and will add a real touch of class to our event while I am sure that our audience will enjoy Tom and David’s selection of old favourites.

After our rehearsal we retired to the summer house for coffee after which I was glad to watch the news and retire to bed – tomorrow is going to be a big day.

I have been enthralled by our chicks today. Now they are out of the nest but yet not away from the bothy – they sit on one of the beams and watch the world go by. Soon they will be out in the world; I hope that they do well.

This lovely little fellow sits and watches all that we are doing and doesn't seem to be afraid at all

I thought this one was ready to fly away, but no, he knows when he is well off

The family of four all stretched out along the roof beam

This looks to me like big brother looking after little sister

And doesn't she look happy!


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