Thursday 28th. August, 2014 – Really Good News 

Discovered that our baby chicks are really getting quite large. One of them is sitting on the edge of the nest, for all the world as if he is getting ready to try out his wings. I don’t think that he is ready for that yet but they do grow up so very quickly

The good news today is that my computer is back in the land of the living. Having run the lengthy scan over night, all viruses and Trojans are declared to have been removed. So, for good measure, I downloaded a programme called Microsoft Security Essentials and scanned the computer again and received a clean bill of health. The computer seems to be working much better than it has for quite some time so that is all good news.

This morning (after walking Mix and having breakfast), Tom and I cleared the courtyard and loaded everything into the bothy. It took most of the morning (apart from our extended coffee break with David who had been working on with his lights). We also helped Rachel get the loom room ready and tomorrow we will bring in seating for its grand opening on Saturday.

After lunch, Tom, David and I went up to the Whiteadder reservoir to check up on Escapade (and to pump up the tyres of the trailer). She was looking very good. Back home David continued with the lights (before having coffee with Mum and seeing her holiday book) while I sorted out my by now fully functioning computer and kept an ear on the Durham versus Yorkshire quarter-final of the fifty overs competition played at Headingly which Durham won – a tremendous result.

David joined us for tea after which I chatted with Stewart (Mum’s new gardener who was trimming some of our hedges this evening). Later Rachel and I watched the second and final part of Bonny and Clyde and then the news, before I came out to the summer house to get my diary up and running again. Finally, I walked Mix and went to bed. Today has been a good day!

David is wiring in the outside lighting to the new fuse-box in the Stables. While he was working to get everything ready for Saturday, Olive and Digger were doing a big shop in Berwick in preparation for the Saturday event. (Having just watched Bonny and Clyde I should perhaps clarify that ‘doing a big shop’ means buying groceries and is not a reference to any activity with which Bonny and Clyde would be accustomed)

David and Tom beside Escapade after we wrapped her up until our next visit


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