Wednesday 27th. August, 2014 – Progress and ... disaster 

The real hot summer days are past for this year at least – but the evening skies continue to be spectacular, as this picture shows

Up and walked Mix before Tom arrived and we got started on the bargeboard for the summer house end of the bothy. We got the job done, but it proved to be a bigger job than we had imagined and it required Tom, David and me all to be up ladders and working together. Getting it completed was real progress. We stopped this at lunch time when Tom returned home as he was not to be with us in the afternoon, having another appointment.

David continued to work on the exterior lights and Rachel started painting the doors into the courtyard. I had initially intended them to be a deep maroon but Rachel went for the paint and she came back with a dark blue (which has turned out not to be quite so dark as she expected).

I set about dealing with my disaster – my computer has developed a computer virus and is virtually unusable. Finally I identified the viruses (I have fourteen of them in all) and according to the internet they are ones which are often picked up from Facebook and I have been dabbling in that medium. I am surprised because I am very good at not opening emails if I suspect that there is any problem. Faced with this virus I felt extremely helpless. I even considered going along to Berwick and buying a new computer but further research on the internet through my ipad suggested another way forward. On Rachel’s computer I downloaded a programme called Windows Defender Offline onto a flash drive. I then learned how to boot my computer from this flash drive and this programme cleaned out my computer. This sounds like a very short exercise but discovering how to do it all, completing the short scan and then starting a huge scan took the entire day and I will leave it running for a final time tonight – so this entry will be at least a day late in reaching my on-line diary But if you are reading this entry you will know that I have nursed my computer back to health.

I walked Mix in the late afternoon, dined in the farm house with the family and, in the evening Rachel and I watched the first part of a two-part dramatisation of the lives of Bonny and Clyde. It was surprisingly fresh after the well-known film of a generation ago. After catching up with the news and walking Mix, I retired to bed leaving my computer chuntering on my desk. I am hoping for great things in the morning.

Now don’t these barge boards look good. Of course, they will need to be painted and we haven’t done the other end yet, but what an improvement

David has got into the photo of Rachel undercoating the large door of the carriage barn

And there is always good news. In the Bothy, where we are working, two swifts have built a late nest and in it there are at least three chicks who look on with some wonderment at all that we are doing around them. They are, of course, quite safe – we are delighted that they are the first residents of this building project of ours


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