Sunday 24th. August, 2014 – A Happy Sunday (the gathering in of the harvest continues all around us) 

Rowan was waiting at the fence to welcome Rachel when she returned from evensong this evening – Rowan is so full of life and everything sends her into outbursts of unrestrained joy. It must be wonderful to be a puppy

Got up, showered and walked Mix. It was another lovely morning and the forecast suggests that it will be dry until Thursday. With much to do in the courtyard this week, I hope so.

Took Mum, Cathy and Rachel to Church (well, Rachel drove in her Berlingo). The Church at Gavinton was well attended and Ann took us back to the Old Testament for an introduction to the story of Moses – so we are at the Nile among the bulrushes. Ann was in her element because it is a story dominated by women who show courage and break with convention with hardly a man in sight apart from Pharaoh who is epitome of evil in this story; (no wonder she neglected Joseph when the lectionary offered it to us)! I enjoyed the service and the coffee afterwards in the church hall.

We ate Sunday lunch at the farmhouse with Olive and Digger and then in the early afternoon we watched a family DVD made up of bits of 8 mm film shot by one of Cathy’s family and saw the development of her family from their earliest years until they reached maturity. It was fascinating to see Cathy’s mum and dad and, of course, to see the young Cathy.

Later I went back to the summer house to continue to catalogue music, Cathy worked on her chairs and, in time, Rachel went off to Evensong in Berwick. On her return we enjoyed a snack and watched a Montalbano film – The Scent of the Night: it was excellent and once it was over, it was time to walk the dogs and retire to bed. This is going to be a very busy week.


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