Thursday 21st. August, 2014 – Mum goes to Edinburgh 

When I walked Mix this morning we saw this combine harvester. It was away at the far side of the field but my camera has a zoom lense so I had a shot at capturing it. This morning it was bucketing with rain and the farmers had obviously tried to get as much in as they could before the rains came. I suspect that they will now need to wait a little before they can get underway once more

I breakfasted, David arrived and together we took Mum in to catch her train to Edinburgh. News came through that the train had been cancelled because of a signalling failure at Newcastle but in fact it arrived about ten minutes late and then sat for forty minutes until a new driver could be found. There were more people standing than sitting but fortunately Mum had booked her seat and managed to get it. So she arrived in Edinburgh a little bit late but all in one piece. I picked her up just before six in the evening. She had had a grand time with Aunt Agnes and Jeffrey – lunch, off to see Katie’s play, a chat with her and then home – very successful.

David and I went around Berwick buying electrical bits and pieces and with them (and through David’s hard work) by the end of the day we had power and lights in the Stables. (With the bits and pieces which have been bought we will soon have lighting in the courtyard as well.) I provided coffees and prepared the music for Arrochar and continued my computer sort-out.

Cathy arrived this afternoon and was collected from Berwick by Digger. It will be good to have her with us for a few days. We all dined together in the evening and then I did some catching up and sorting out before watching the News, walking Mix and retiring to bed – Rachel is still down in Barnoldswick where she is painting the boat!


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