Wednesday 20th. August, 2014 – Rachel journeys south 

The fields all around us are a beautiful golden brown – we haven’t been harvested yet, although further afield most have been. Our fish-man (who delivers to us once a week) says that these fields are really requiring to be harvested. Rain is forecast so I expect that we shall see some action fairly soon

Up, walked Mix, and then helped Rachel get ready to set off for Barnoldswick where she and Rowan will spend a few days painting the boat – I think that she intends to paint it in the artistic sense rather than in the painter-and-decorator sense. She is armed with pictures of roses and castles and all of the traditional designs.

Once she had set off, I breakfasted in the farmhouse and then came across to the summer house intending to continue sorting out old floppy disks, however I got a text and then a call from Lucy and Ian from Kent whom I have known all the way back to Abronhill days, forty-five years ago. They were driving up to Glasgow for a wedding but diverted to come to visit Duns. It was good to see them and to catch up on all of their adventures.

It was the middle of the afternoon before they continued on their way – I wish they could have stayed longer – so I caught up with David and then he and I spent ages on the telephone getting a power supply arranged for the Stables. By the time that was done it was time for David to go home and for me to have an early meal with Olive, Digger and Mum.

In the evening I returned to the summer house and worked on the floppy disk pile. Spoke to Rachel who is enjoying being at her boat so much that she hasn’t done any work – just walked Rowan and relaxed (and she says that she isn’t retired)! As I walked Mix I could hear that the combine harvesters are out and working, even although it is pitch dark (well they have lights). Bad weather must really be on the way. (I hope that Tom and Dorothy are having a good time at the folk festival at Whitby.)


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