Tuesday 19th. August, 2014 – Our trip to the Festival Fringe 

This picture was taken from outside the door of the ‘Jack’ Dome within the Edinburgh Students’ Union and it looks down on the Union lounge where Rachel and I enjoyed a splendid lunch before going into the Dome to watch “Lorraine and Alan” which, as the text will explain, we really enjoyed

Up, showered and walked Mix before a quick breakfast. Rachel and I then drove to Berwick leaving the dogs in Olive’s tender care. We caught the 10.21 to Edinburgh and then spent the morning exploring the various items of street theatre which were on display. I snapped a few and append them to my diary entry for today.

I was most impressed with the Fringe Office. I had booked my tickets on line. All I had to do was to swipe my credit card through a machine (there were several in a row) and immediately my tickets were disgorged.

We made our way slowly to the Students’ Union where the Pleasance Domes (Jack, Queen, King and Ace) were situated. After lunch – a splendid hot wrap containing bacon and hash brown, with a fruit drink made up of apple and black current juice (guaranteed to be two of my five for the day) – we made our way to the Jack Dome to see the play ‘Lorraine and Alan’. It was a modern day retelling of the story of the silkie (half woman and half seal). It was slick, it was humorous, it was touching, it was clever and it was very well done. I was delighted because my niece was one of the two stars of the show – although the two supporting players (who made sound effects, sang and interjected into the dialogue) were also excellent -- as was Lorraine’s partner Alan. It is no wonder that the show is a sell-out and has received very encouraging reviews in the national press.

After the performance we met up with Katie and with her co-star. They are obviously having a ball. We were sorry that we had to make our way back to the station for our booked train back to Berwick. Katie had other friends who had come to see her – so I suspect that she was pleased to have seen us but quite relieved that the oldies had to move on. We will catch up with her next week.

Our train journey home was quite uneventful. We drove round by the Maltings to pick up a couple of tickets for the opera on Saturday night (having got an email from the director to say that there was no audience for Saturday and would we like to attend and boost the numbers? (Well, he didn’t quite say it like that.) After all my years with our own theatre in Buckhaven, it is a problem with which I can identify so we have changed our plans to enable us to attend.

Back home I found that David has done wonders in the Loom room and was sitting having coffee with Mum. We chatted before he went off, and I joined the others for supper at the earlier time of six o’clock, our new eating time. In the evening I got Rachel’s ipad set up to work with my mobile wi-fi device because she is off to Barnoldswick tomorrow with Rowan, to paint her boat, or at least to start on the process. I’m missing out on this trip because there is much to do here – but there will be a next time very soon.

I watched the news before walking Mix and going off to bed after a very happy day. Here are some of the sights of the day:

All over the Royal Mile (or at least in the pedestrianised part given over to the Fringe) there are little stages like this one. It seems that performers queue up to have the use of one of these for half an hour or so. They are always in use and there are always crowds around them. It is really great fun

I have no idea what this is about, but we saw this dragon walking past -- I guess it must be a publicity stunt to sell tickets for one of the shows

I love these little market stalls in front of the High Kirk of Edinburgh. At first sight they look incongruous, but market stalls and churches have gone together for generations

This incredible gentleman bet the crowd that he could stand on his hands with a flaming torch between his feet for longer than the crowd could cheer and applaud. It was a close run thing but certainly the crowd (and although it doesn't show from the snap, there are at least a couple of hundred folk watching) loved him

Here you can see the crowd -- and they are like putty in the hands of this fellow on a mono-cycle. Edinburgh's street performers are all top-rate. I guess that if they weren't, they wouldn't survive

I have no idea ...

Nor do I have a clue about these three folk whom we met as we walked up the Royal Mile

What a lot of trouble folk have gone to. This is a beautiful chalet built here for the purpose of selling food during the Festival month. The food smelled wonderful as well

And finally, one of the many 'green' areas. In some there were deckchairs, in others tables and chairs. There were many bars and food outlets and I suspect that these places will really hum in the evenings. Everything seemed to be so well done, so inviting and so much fun


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