Saturday 16th. August, 2014 -- Saturday, I really enjoy Saturdays 

This evening I ran Mum up to Gavinton and dropped her outside the village hall where they were having a cinema evening. The film this evening was “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and Mum was joining some of her friends for this entertainment. I was taken back to the days when we used to run a similar cinema in the Pilgrimage Centre every Thursday evening. They really were happy days

Got up a little later than usual, walked Mix and breakfasted in the farmhouse with Olive and her guests. Then Rachel and I had a bit of a project. We had each bought a new printer a few months ago to add to the old one we each had. Somehow, partly I suppose because we haven’t had any need to print anything for weeks and weeks, when we needed to have a working printer none of them were functioning. So we tried to get one of the printers working: eventually discovering that we must have used the printers until the initial ink had run out and had then abandoned them.

So, armed with the names of the printers, we set off for Berwick with the dogs. First stop was the station where we got the tickets for our trip to Edinburgh on Tuesday. (We are going to see my niece in a production called ‘Lorrane and Alan’ which is playing to great reviews in the Festival Fringe.) Next stop was Curry’s where a very helpful assistant called Chad helped us find the ink we required and sold it to us in such a way as to ensure we could use the various discounts which were available to us. From here (having popped briefly into Halfords and Home Base) we went to the beach at Spittal where we walked the dogs. Mix loved running on the beach and was extremely well behaved.

From here we went to Tesco both for petrol and for some shopping, then I took Rachel to visit the Berwick Garden Centre which David had introduced me to earlier in the week. Finally we called in at Aldi where I picked up some biscuits at a truly remarkable price (as suggested to me by both Tom and David).

Back home I was able to get a printer operational and print out the flyers and the tickets for the event which we are holding in aid of Church funds here on the 30th. of the month. I’ll have them for Church tomorrow.

By now it was time to run Mum to Gavinton before coming back to the farmhouse to eat with Olive and her friends. After all that gallivanting around, Rachel and I were delighted to discover that there was an Inspector Montalbano on the television which we watched before walking the dogs and retiring to bed.

It’s a long time since I’ve had a day like today, running around getting bits and pieces, and then with some printing to get done – but it really was all great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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